An artist, an optimist, a rebel with a
colourful cause. From working in
advertising to dropping out of art school,''colouring outside the lines' has always been her favourite thing to do. Through seasons and changes, there has been one constant in her life - to draw, to paint, to create. With Cosmic Cowboy, she wants to share what she loves doing most with a world that, let’s be honest, could use a little more pink in their glasses.

A writer, a dreamer, a visual storyteller. An imaginative woman who still thinks that growing up is the biggest trap of our society. Inspired by old school cartoons, she hopes
that Cosmic Cowboy will spread feel-good energy within our galaxy. Through her passion for modern art and real-life photography, Stevie wants to create stories and, with the
help of our signature characters, bring them
to life. 

In esclusiva Italia il duo londinese Cosmic Cowboy, Chrissie Jones e Stevie Jackson, artiste, sognatrici, scrittrici e ribelli, portatrici sane di doodle.  Nel loro mondo tutto è anticonformista, la loro arte non deve mai annoiare, i colori brillanti, si intrecciano alle linee spesse nere, formando doodle coraggiosi, a volte pazzi, a volte brillanti, tanto da unire collage all'effetto 3d. Per loro il mondo deve essere un parco giochi di sperimenti, così tanto da poter essere guardato anche a faccia in giù, come molto spesso capita con le loro opere.